letters // for when you're on cloud nine

You are the universe in ecstatic motion.
— Rumi

Dear one,

YAAAAAS. Whatever is going on for you, it's fucking awesome that you're killing the game. Frfr, the work you're doing is paying off, so it's time to truly acknowledge it!

The practice included is one to celebrate your successes and will give you space to send out that big, grateful heart of yours into the rest of the world. All the while this tool will keep you grounded in the midst of success by reminding you of your humanness and your connection to the collective. You deserve it. 

the practice // celebrate equally

First thing's first, CELEBRATE. You did it, boo! Have you had a dance party yet today? Pick a good jam. If you don't do dance parties, I invite you to give it a go. Here are some good playlists that you can dig through if you lean on being a musicophile like myself. 

After you've completed your own little ceremony of celebration, find a quiet place to sit for a moment, spine erect, preferably with hips higher than knees.

Place a hand over your heart and a hand over your belly and repeat the mantras included below for at least 10 breaths.

[Grateful heart = Giving thanks to all of the paths that have been forged to bring you to this success.
Equal heart = Our celebrations contribute to the collective consciousness of this world. When we succeed, we allow the same success to be present for others. We are no better and no worse than any other human that surrounds us, near or far. We may have different skill sets, but underneath it all, we are all the same energy.]

And last, but certainly not least: After our celebrations, we remind ourselves (lovingly) to drop our wins like hot potatoes (a phrase that I'm so grateful to be given by a mentor). Gripping onto past and grasping for things to happen in the future are diversions from that being present feeling that kicks ass and feels really, really great. So, with hands over heart and belly, take a full breath in to visualize your big win in all its shining, beautiful colors and feelings. Exhale deeply to send it off on its merry way.

Trust that there is more where this came from. I believe in you.


I'm grateful.
I'm equal.