letters // for when everything is coming together

There is nothing outside you.
That is what you must ultimately learn.
Deep within you is everything that is perfect,
ready to radiate through you and out into the world.
— A Course in Miracles

Dear one,

Virtual high-fives, bear hugs and #YAS all around. 

You, my love, are capable of achieving whatever goals you set for yourself and that's clearly evidenced by the fact that things are coming together for you. The cool thing? You always have been capable! 

At this time in the world, the tendency can be to grasp for these breakthroughs; after all, it feels facking fantastic and we want to continue to feel that way. When we feel ourselves moving forward on our path, the tendency can be to get a little antsy. Our "more, please" turns into "more, please....like now!" turns into "wtf, I had this awesome thing happen and now it feels like I'm not going anywhere." This simple practice serves to keep this goodness a-flowing, no matter the speed, and is a reminder that these feelings are always accessible. 

the practice // more, please; thank you

Grab your journal or notebook. 

Make a list of all the things in your life that you're grateful for. Try to take note of when you feel inclined to write something like, "I feel grateful that I don't have to do 'x'" or "I feel grateful that I don't need to be 'y.'" Flip it + reverse it to focus on what you have and what you do instead. Lack is wack and you're feeling über abundant rn; let's celebrate the shit out of that!

Underneath your gratitude list, write the words "thank you."

If this feels like a good stopping point, stop here. Or -- 

Underneath this, write the feelings that you're likely feeling right now that you want to feel all the time.

And finally, underneath your desired feelings write the words "more, please."

When life inevitably happens and you begin to feel yourself off-kilter, return to your desired feelings list. Inquire from a genuine place what you would like do to feel more of what you want to feel and less of what you don't -- maybe it's revisiting this original gratitude list, creating a new one, walking outside for a few minutes, closing your eyes to breathe and check in with yourself physically, drawing something fun.... whatever practices that work best for you are all fair game.


I choose to see myself as capable.
I choose to recognize that these things are happening for me as opposed to to me.
When things happen on divine time, I win.