my name is gina ciarrocchi zech (pronounced sha-rock-ee zeck).

I am a storyteller, truth seeker, nourisher, nurturer, lover, yogi. empath, intuitive, recovering catholic. human. 

I tell stories that help us get and stay curious about being open, receptive and of love in this world.

you are curious. and that’s probably why you’re here.

like most, the work I offer up to you is built on my personal experiences and journey so far through life from a spiritual and mystical perspective. my dreams introduced me to symbolism and the underlying pull of the layers of consciousness, tarot hones my skill in reading the signs in waking life, and reiki allows me to heal the wounds that all the signs point to. this is the backbone of what I offer up to you.

there are many great spiritual teachers, guides, and mentors in the world at this time, which is a beautiful thing. we all find the guidance that speaks to us the most to lead us to the treasure this life has to offer. perhaps this work speaks to you.


why alchemy 104?

alchemy 104 is an umbrella of spiritually infused teachings.

alchemy refers to the transformation of one substance into another. in his work the alchemist, paulo coehlo says that alchemy exists to show that when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us also becomes better — a purification of sorts. a course in miracles says that content is what matters, not necessarily the container (or form) the content comes in. to me, alchemy is a combination of these two things: when we strive to alter our content to better ourselves as part of the collective, it does better both ourselves and the collective, regardless of what form it takes.

104 is one of my signs. it’s ancestral in nature since it began appearing to my mom first, then me. it’s a reminder, a key, an omen, a connection, a reunion with higher self.

in this work, you will forge or connect deeper with your own reminders, keys, and omens. you will alter the content contained in your form. perhaps you will walk away more assured, more self-aware, more supported, and more at home. after all, you are what you already want to be. sometimes you just need the answers pointed out to you.